How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Hips

Stretch marks can happen usually when a person gains weight rapidly. The middle layer of your skin called as dermis can tear than stretch, resulting to a series of ‘scars’ called as stretch marks. Stretch marks usually appear during pregnancy and are commonly seen on the hip and waist areas.

Stretch marks also easily form on the belly because of the elastic skin found there. So now that you see these ugly marks on your body, you want to know how to get rid of stretch marks on hips, waist, legs and belly. Stretch marks can be treated using common creams and topical. However, severe cases might need professional help.

Here are some steps on how to get rid of stretch marks on hips and other parts of the body.

First of all, keeping your body hydrated all the time will ensure you that your skin has the right amount of moisture. When your skin is moisturized, your skin will stretch instead of tear. A very good way to do this is to drink lots of water. Be sure that you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day in order to have healthy skin.

Cocoa butter is a popular alternative solution to a lot of people. Massage cocoa butter into the skin, taking note of problem areas such as the belly, thighs, hips, butt and upper arms. Do this daily after taking a shower and before going to bed.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Hips

Another common way on how to get rid of stretch marks on hips and other areas of the body is the use of lemon juice. According to theory, lemon juice has the capability of bleaching the surrounding skin of the marks, making the marks blend with your skin.

This theory is based on the fact that lemon juice has citric acid which works like salicylic acid, retinoids and AHAs but it a gentler way. However, one should be careful in using lemon juice to exposed areas of the skin since it can burn the area when exposed under direct sunlight.

Gotu kola is a new alternative medicine in getting rid of scars and stretch marks. This plant is found in India and is said to enhance skin cell regeneration.

For women who have just given birth or for those who are expecting to gain weight such as pregnant women or bodybuilding men, moisturizing the skin can help prevent the formation of stretch marks.

Moisturizers which are rich in vitamins A and E can help prevent stretch marks since these vitamins are vital components of the maintenance of the natural skin system. These vitamins are found to help in speeding up the growth of skin cells, which is found to help diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

Maintaining a healthy weight and regular skin massage can also help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. It should be everyone’s ultimate goal to have an improved general health in order to prevent skin conditions such as stretch marks.

Say No to Body Hair with Nad’s Hair Removal

Are you in dire need to get rid of that unwanted hair on your body? If yes, then you may want to try the Nads Hair Removal products.

These products are one of the several hair removal items that are gaining its popularity in the market nowadays.

Nads is a family-owned company based in Australia that is specializing in hair removal.

It was founded by a dedicated mother, Sue Ismiel, in 1992. She invented this all-natural product by using ingredients that were readily available in her kitchen.

Being all natural means that it is very safe to use; but how exactly does it work?

Nads is known for their hair removal cycle-Remove, Soothe, Release and Exfoliate.

This cycle ensures a safe and effective method of eliminating superfluous body hairs.Nad's Hair Removal

Tremendous results can be achieved by using different products of Nads that are designed uniquely for a specific use. Some of them are as follows:

1. Hair removal gel

Nads hair removal gel is water-soluble and does not require heating. It works up to the hairs’ roots to thoroughly eradicate its growth.

Ingredients used such as lemon juice, vinegar, honey and molasses are all natural.

This is perfect for removing hairs on legs, bikini line or even on underarms.

To use this, thoroughly clean and dry the area first. After that, apply gel in the same direction of the hair growth, then place the strips over the gel and abruptly remove the strip to remove the hairs.

2. Hair removal cream

The next type of Nads hair removal products is the cream. It has two forms, the one has special moisturizing ability and the other one is for the sensitive skin types.

The moisturizing type contains avocado and olive oil that humidifies the skin while removing the shaft of the unwanted hair.

On the other hand, the sensitive formula of Nads Hair Removal has chamomile and honey that creates skin barrier, which protects the skin from irritation while weeding out the unbearable hair.

3. Hair removal strips

The other product of this company is the Nads hair removal strips. These strips are specifically designed to meet a certain skin type.

There are body strips for normal skin, sensitive skin and dry skin. There is also a strip that may be safely used on facial skin.

These strips are very soft which enables it to follow the body’s contour for better removing of hair.

To use this, you must first clean the area with Nad’s Desensitizing Kava Wipe and dry it thoroughly afterwards.

Before applying the strips, warm the wax by rubbing it using both of your palms. Apply the strips and smoothen it towards the direction of the hair growth.

After that, pull off the Nads hair removal strips quickly and check if hair is indeed taken out with the strips.

There are other Nads hair removal products available. Just visit their official site and choose the one that would suit your needs best.

Hairs on unwanted parts of your body can be easily removed with these products. You can have that smooth and flawless skin with Nads hair removal products.

AIDS Sufferers in China – Official Discrimination Permitted

It is a shame that authorities in China are denying care to individuals with HIV and AIDS.

This egregious denial of medical therapy in mainstream hospitals is been permitted because of ignorance about the illness, as outlined by a study released by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization.

China, with 1.34 billion individuals, had 740,000 individuals that have contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

One must remember, HIV/AIDS became a main problem for China in the nineteen nightie’s, when many thousands of hard working impoverished farmers became infected through tainted blood selling schemes.

The virus is presently spread in the country via sexual contact.

One HIV-positive man, recounted how he was denied hospital treatment for his back issue because of his HIV status in hospitals in Beijing.

He said, the physician stated many patients need surgery, and if other patients get infected, it is going to be an extremely poor reflection on the hospital.

It is not surprising, that in a country where discussing sex is frowned upon and not encouraged, persistent discrimination by healthcare workers indicates many sufferers are likely to steer clear of treatment.

The deputy director of the infectious illness department of the Beijing Hospital, confirmed China’s policy, of only treating individuals with HIV and AIDS at designated hospitals for the treatment of infectious diseases and this was one of the root causes for the discrimination.

This designated hospitals should be eliminated, stated the physician, who treats HIV infected patients.

When will the world’s most populated nation learn that, information is best when widely distributed as a guard against idiotic behaviour by health care workers paid to do a job, with the silent acquiescence of incompetent government officials.

All About Laser Acne Treatment

Acne laser treatments can reduce the appearance of active acne and also diminish their scars.

By utilizing lasers to shrink sebaceous glands and destroy acne causing bacteria, laser acne treatment is able to reach into the deeper layers of skin and eliminate the causes of your breakouts without damaging the outer surface of the skin.

Furthermore the process also helps repair skin that has been damaged by acne scarring by speeding the growth of new skin cells and stimulating the growth of collagen.

Laser acne treatment is a gradual treatment method, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see changes until the third treatment.

A treatment cycle generally takes four or five appointments and is completely painless however you may experience temporary minor skin reddening.

A light hydrating mist is applied to the area being treated and then the laser painlessly shrinks oil glands and removes bacteria.

The procedure takes only 15 minutes. Most people report warm tingling sensations similar to the cool feeling of menthol or a peppermint patty.

Although most skin types respond positively to treatment, an active nodular or cystic acne eruption may not benefit from laser treatments.

Because the infection is deeply embedded, the waves of light utilized by the laser are not able to reach. However the treatment is very effective on the scaring.


There are a few backroom estheticians that advertise laser acne treatments but this laser treatment is not like hair removal.

With acne treatments, subcutaneous layers of tissue are physically destroyed to encourage new growth. You don’t want to trust this process to an undertrained person.

Ensure that you choose a professional (preferably a medical doctor) skilled in the process of laser acne treatment as the wrong type of laser or an inexperienced practitioner can cause more harm than good.

How long will it last?

Many factors contribute to the production of a pimple; genetic environmental and hormonal.

Laser acne treatment cannot erase your skin’s biological response, but with regular treatments and perhaps other medical treatments, the results are sustainable.

Once your acne is brought under control, you may only require a treatment once every six to eight weeks to maintain your clear skin.

Further research

As technology has advanced, there have been significant improvements in the field of acne laser treatments.

There is a new treatment named Isolaz that has been approved by the FDA for pustular and comedonal acne.

This treatment is less expensive than the older technologies and preliminary reviews are positive.

When it comes to treating your acne it’s important to investigate all of your options. Just as there are several types of acne, there are also several types of laser acne treatments.

Talk with your dermatologist about which option will work best for your type of acne.

Ways to Have a Good Night Sleep

Sleep is certainly not only for the weak because it is something that everyone needs and demands. In order for you to function well, you must have a good amount of slumber. Sleep is a stage of complete relaxation in order for the mind and body to recuperate. If you deprive yourself of sleep, you will certainly feel weak and confused. This would cause you to exhibit a decreased perception of the reality and low cognitive ability.

There are many factors why you may lack sleep. It can be due to your shifting work schedule, insomnia, and other forms of sleep disorders. Or maybe you just have a hard time getting yourself to bed early. Well, if you’re experiencing sleep deprivation of any cause, we can help you with that. There are ways that you can do in order to enhance your sleep or attain enough amount of resting period. The following tips will help you through.

Ways to Have a Good Night Sleep

Avoid drinking any caffeinated food or beverages before sleeping

Caffeine has a shocking effect on your system. So drinking a cup of coffee or consuming anything that contains caffeine is not recommended if you want to have a good slumber at night. You may drink milk or consume dairy products at night instead and shift drinking coffee during daytime since it can increase your alertness and attention.

Keep screens out from your sight

Glows and lights from electronics have the ability to signal your body to rouse when you’re trying to shut down. Considering that, it is best to keep these items off or away from you when you are about to hit the snooze. A dark or mid-light room is conducive for sleeping.

Reduce distractions in your bedroom

Your bedroom is a place made for you to rest, and it would be beneficial for your body to associate it with a calming setting, free of things that will keep you alert and awake. So make sure your television, radio, computer, mobile gadget, among other things, are out of sight. This way, you will not be tempted to use them and focus simply on sleeping.

Ways to Have a Good Night Sleep

Do some relaxing techniques

Relaxing techniques like taking a fresh bath, reading books, or getting a massage before you go to bed are just some of the things that will hasten drowsiness. These will aid your body to shut down and be prepared for a good quality slumber.

Ways to Have a Good Night Sleep

A sufficient amount of sleep is vital for the body to maintain optimum health. So if you have any struggles in sleeping, these tips will definitely help you through. Having a better sleep and having long hours of sleep have a huge difference. If you are going to choose between the two, opt for a better sleep. With better quality of sleep, you will feel energized enough to face another day. But if your sleeping problem has gone worst, then maybe you need to see and consult your doctor. He might prescribe some meds or provide some medical interventions for your case.

Public Health: Rape Culture Awareness

A young man murdered 7 people because he became frustrated of being rejected by women in whom he felt he deserved to have sex with.

The rape culture exists nowadays. If you do not have the slightest idea about what it is, then let me define it for you. Rape culture is the attitude that men deserved to have anything from women. Men deserve sex; therefore, women must be willing to award tit to them. Because of this mentality, women who deprives men of sex deserves the violence that may come upon them.

Public Health: Rape Culture Awareness

According to CDC, sexual violence is one of the main problems in the US. Note that, sexual violence can happen to anyone regardless of gender; but more often than not, the victims are usually female.

Mass murder of women is common. To name some, there was the Montreal Massacre, the gym shootings, and the Amish school shootings. Mass murder happens whether the targets are both sexes; however, when it is targeted to women, it is considered to be the most extreme form of rape culture in the society.

Instances of Rape in Women

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 40% of the female murder victims are usually killed by an intimate partner. Note that the leading cause of death in most pregnant women is related to violence from the intimate partner. More often than not, the partners use weapon to kill the other. An estimate of about 96% that experience domestic violence are attributed to women; about 3% of them reports that the abuser was female.

This does not mean, however, that men don’t get raped or victimized by domestic violence. About 1% of men have been raped; however, this crime is not as widespread as those that are inflicted towards female. Hence, domestic violence laws are usually geared towards women.

Uncovering the MERS Mystery

Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) virus is on the headline now as it has infected about 500 people and more since it was first recognised in the year 2012. Now it has spread to sixteen countries, among which is the US, where roughly a quarter of its victims died.

Uncovering the MERS Mystery

There are three cases that have been noted in the US. According to authorities, it includes a man who might have been infected during his first contact with the first recognized case in the US in the previous month. The other two cases involved health staff from Saudi Arabia (wherein the virus was said to originate and spread recently) who came to the US.

It is definitely a great concern knowing that a traveler carries the virus, and it is even more worrying to know that he has infected somebody else. However, the two infected travelers, including the third man, have attained complete recovery. At least, this news is relieving to hear. And a more reassuring news is that on Tuesday at the Orlando Hospital, seven health care workers who had been identified to have contact with the second sick man had been said to be clear of any signs and symptoms of the virus and could report back to work.

Uncovering the MERS Mystery

Currently, there is neither a vaccine nor a treatment for MERS-COV. Yes, it is a member of the coronavirus family, which usually causes a bit more than just a simple cold. But studies that have been run today by researchers showed initial reports of more than 24 different drugs coming from the old category of chemo medications to malaria drugs that can treat the recently spreading MERS virus.

Matthew Frieman, together with his colleagues from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, has checked on the drugs that can treat MERS using a usual approach, screening the components in a library of known medications. If necessary, such drugs should be arranged immediately, rather than doing the time-consuming and cumbersome process of developing and testing first a brand new vaccine or medication.

The Spreading of Breast Cancer Can Be Prevented Through Dieting

According to recent studies, a low calorie diet can actually help in preventing an aggressive form of cancer from spreading throughout the body.

The Spreading of Breast Cancer Can Be Prevented Through Dieting

Scientists have found out that cutting back on calories can help reduce the likelihood of a certain type of breast cancer from spreading to the other organs of the body.

The scientists are currently looking at a triple negative breast cancer – which is one of the most life threatening type of cancer that is very aggressive and least responsive to the basic treatment. Today, this cancer affects women in a ratio of one is to five.

One theory is that going on a diet may help lessen the chance of cancer from spreading by strengthening the tissue that is surrounding the tumor.

A lot of breast cancer patients are treated with hormonal therapy to be able to stop the growth of the tumor and also through steroids which counteract the side effects of chemotherapy.

Now, both breast cancer treatments can really alter the metabolism of a person. As a result, it can trigger weight gain – in an average, a woman would gain 10lb during the first year of treatment.

According to previous studies results, it has shown that being overweight makes treatment of breast cancer less effective, and to those people who gain weight while on treatment have worse cancer outcomes.

That is why according to the study leader Dr. Nicole Simone (department of Radiation Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia), it is really important to look at metabolism while treating cancer stricken women.

The current study involved feeding one group of mice one third lesser compared to the other group. And, Dr. Simone has found out that the diet turned on a programme has helped protect the mice from developing metastatic disease. It has been found out that the mice which were on a diet have decreased cancer cells production of microRNAs 17and 20.

The Spreading of Breast Cancer Can Be Prevented Through Dieting

The microRNAs 17/20 are molecules that have an important role in influencing the other parts of the body in forming many diseases. The researchers discovered that in breast cancer that is triple negative, these molecules are often increased.

According to Dr. Simone, when you restrict the calorie intake of the person, it actually boosts the effectiveness of the radiation therapy. That is why the new study is not set out to further check which molecular pathways play an important role in this effect.

The Spreading of Breast Cancer Can Be Prevented Through Dieting

The basis for Dr. Simone’s justification is when the doctor found out that the microRNAs have decreased the most when mice were in radiation therapy and have restricted calorie intake.

The Secrets to a Fitter and Healthier You

You probably have seen or read many successful weight loss stories on TV, the radio, or magazines. Individuals who were once obese have transformed into the best shape of their lives. Because of this, they don’t only look good but feel good about themselves as well.

The Secrets to a Fitter and Healthier You

Losing weight is definitely not a walk in the park. Honestly, it’s one challenging task, especially if you want to lose hundreds of pounds. Huge weight loss demands great lifestyle modifications that stick for several weeks to months. It simply requires a real and complete life transformation.

The Secrets to a Fitter and Healthier You

Yes, adhering to a healthy diet and regular exercise is needed. But these are not enough to get the extreme results you want. Are you into a huge life transformation? Well, here are some tips that could help you get on your way, none of which are about how much exercise you need and how proper a diet you should eat.

It’s all in the mind

Eating the right sets of food and exercising regularly are critical ingredients to any physical transformation, but a mental transformation is equally important as physical transformation. Successful people have positive and optimistic attitude towards life. Their goal is to be successful. They believe they can and work for it and finally achieve it. They put focus on what they can do in their new life and not what they can’t. They relish positive moments and just enjoy their journey.

Step out of your comfort zone

If you want real and great changes in your life, then learn to be comfortable about being uncomfortable. Let’s face the fact that your behaviors and your comfort zones are what made you who you are and where you are right now. If you find contentment with that, then keep doing what you’re doing. But if you want true transformation in your life, then be prepared for changes. Thus, it means embracing feeling uncomfortable.

Motivate yourself – this keeps you going

Complete transformation demands powerful drive. Such motivation comes from connecting your new lifestyle to your goal. It starts from knowing your deeper why and the purpose of your life. Is it about getting a better job, keeping up with your kids, or running your own business? Knowing how a new you can help you attain the things you want will be your driving force to keep you going and get it. Linking your passion to your new lifestyle will lead to permanent transformation. Successful transformers give time peeling the layer and determining why it is a must for them to shed off pounds, to understand better who they really are from the inside.

The Secrets to a Fitter and Healthier You

It’s only you who have the power to transform you. One of the most critical steps to any transformation is deciding to stop portraying the victim role. Realizing that you can do it is important to attain true changes in your life. Remember, things don’t just happen for you. You have to work for it.

Keeping Yourself Abreast with Women’s Health News

Health is not just the absence of diseases but the complete state of mental, physical, and social well-being. One of the contributing factors affecting health is gender. Women who are affected with social, mental, and cultural barriers may likely have cardiac diseases, communicable and non-communicable conditions, or HIV/AIDS, which can lead to disability or even death. Considering the many health conditions and factors that make you vulnerable as a woman, you must be aware of the things that could give you the risk of or prevent you from acquiring such.

Keeping Yourself Abreast with Women’s Health News

Being aware of the things that could affect your health as a woman is very important. With information concerning women’s health, you will learn the things you should and shouldn’t do in order to keep your well-being. This information can be acquired from various sources. With today’s highly modern living, everything has been made easily accessible.

Now you can get the latest and juiciest scoop about women’s health easily. You are not only limited to watching television, listening to the radio, or perhaps scanning every page of newspapers to keep yourself updated with issues concerning women’s health. With the involvement of the Internet in our everyday living, getting the news or information you need can be easily accessed with a few clicks and browsing. There are various news websites that you can visit. As long as you have a good web connection and a gadget that is supported by the Internet, you can keep yourself updated always.

Keeping Yourself Abreast with Women’s Health News

There’s no excuse for not being aware of your health. If you will do your part and be a responsible person, you can always look after your health. Gender health issues are very much important to consider. If you want to keep yourself healthy, then you better work for it.