Dieting vital factor in pre term pregnancy

Dieting – Vital Factor in Pre Term Pregnancy

According to a new report, expecting mothers who enjoy eating junk foods and sugary snacks are more prone to have premature babies than those who eat on a moderate level.

For the first time, a university research has confirmed that women who have poor diet prior to becoming pregnant are at high risk to have a premature birth.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Research Institute looked further into the dietary patterns of more or less three hundred women from South Australia to gain better understanding of their diet before pregnancy.

The result of the research, which is published in The Journal of Nutrition, shows that a woman who is in a habit of eating foods that are rich in protein as well as fruits prior to conception have lesser chances of experiencing preterm birth. While those women who do not follow a diet and just ate foods that are high in fat and sugar or commonly known as the junk foods and takeaway foods, have fifty percent more likely to have a preterm birth.

According to Dr. Jessica Grieger, a post-doctoral Research Fellow from the Robinson Research Institute, a premature birth is the number one cause of infant diseases and deaths. It actually occurs in an average of one in ten pregnancies all over the world. Anything we can do to help understand more the conditions that influences the preterm birth is vital in aiding to improve the survival and long-term health results for children.

In their study, it is said that in order to lower the risks of preterm birth, the woman who is planning to get pregnant should stay away from junk foods and takeaways. Instead, she should eat protein-rich foods which include fish, lean meats and chicken as well as whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, Dr. Geiger confirmed that women who enjoy eating mainly discretionary foods (example: biscuits, potato chips, cakes, and other foods high in saturated fat and sugar) were more prone to risking their baby in preterm birth.

Dieting vital factor in pre term pregnancy 1

That is why, according to her, it is important to always look out for your health and eat a healthy diet prior to pregnancy and taking the diet more seriously during conception to be able to get the best results for the mother and the baby.

She also added that diet is really a vital risk factor that can always be altered. It is never too late to do a positive change. And she hopes that their work will actually help reduce the number of neonatal deaths and improve the welfare of the children.

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