Knowing what you eat healthy snacks think again

Knowing What You Eat: Healthy Snacks? Think Again!

Reading the labels is indeed important. However, a lot of us have sucked into food labels whole-heartedly on the effort to be healthy, and this keeps us blinded by these false promises seen on packages—“multigrain”, “fat free”, “vegan” and “gluten free”. Well, these are just promotion tags, merely part of marketing the product itself. If we’re not too cautious about the servings and ingredients, our health consciousness can end up breaking us. Though soda and chips are seen as the leading culprits of unhealthy snacks, little do we know that there are numerous “healthy” snack imposters, which we think are healthy for us but actually may harm our health.


This is one of the most favorite food snacks or breakfast of many since it is associated with healthy eating. However, it can be a real risk to your heart’s health. Granola contains trans fat and sugar, which are known to raise the risk of stroke and heart attack. Such snack is a form of carbohydrates that if cooked can produce heavy and indigestible molecules that the human endocrine, digestive, and eliminatory systems can’t handle, according to experts. Moreover, buildup of these molecules can be toxic in your system, resulting in heart disease and cold.

That said, you can still eat granola. Just make sure you pay time to read the ingredients and that you don’t mix it with artificial additives or corn syrup, yogurt or chocolate chips.

Energy Bars

Energy, protein, or fiber bars entice those who want to consume more amounts of protein and fiber on their diet. However, these bars are usually filled with sweeteners, saturated fats, corn syrup, and other synthetic ingredients that can make you unhealthy rather than being fit. Maldotextrin and high fructose syrup are found often in both protein and energy bars and come from genetically modified organism (GMO) corn, according to nutritionists. Plus, these bars can affect the homeostasis of your hormone since most proteins are made from soy, which is 90% GMO.


Fruit smoothies are definitely one nutritious drink. It cannot be denied how healthy such beverage is. But do you know it can be more harmful than good? If the main ingredient of a smoothie is a fruit juice, it contains more calories than fiber from the fruits. And due to the fattening creams and sugar added to the smoothies, its benefits tend to be negative. One can get as much as 600–1,000 calories, which is more than the amount you get from cheeseburger because of the excessive portion of vegetables, fruits, simple syrup, and sugars, according to Dr Oz. The best thing to do is to consume home-made smoothies rather than purchase premade ones from stores.

Knowing what you eat healthy snacks think again 1

The next time you want to have a healthy snack, think twice before you eat. Always keep your eye on the label!

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