Lisa cantkiers story from cancer to celiac disease

Lisa Cantkier’s Story: From Cancer to Celiac Disease

When Lisa Cantkier was a toddler, she suddenly began to experience unexplained chronic diarrhea after meals which resulted to rapid weight loss, severe malnutrition, and chronic fatigue. Because of this, her parents took her to various specialists to help cure her sickness.

Lisa was then confined to a famous children’s hospital for almost two months during the times when she became increasingly sick; her stomach was bloated and her abdomen was distended. The doctors were confused of her illness that they diagnosed her with a terminal cancer. According to them, she only has a few weeks to live although they couldn’t really locate where the cancer was.

During one of her meals inside the hospital, she picked up a banana from her plate and ate it. That was the only time she had eaten without having diarrhea during her hospital stay. That moment, she thought that the banana had literally saved her life as it actually alerted the hospital staffs that her condition was something that is food-related. After that incident, she was put under the biopsy which confirmed that she has celiac disease; which means she had to adhere to a gluten-free diet to promote health and wellness.

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As a child, Lisa struggled socially as she felt different and out of place; it’s as if as though she doesn’t fit in with others especially during parties. However, fitting in is not as a big of a problem compared to her disease. Hence, she was labeled as the girl who ate foods that are weird and she was an easy target of rude comments since her peers never really understand her condition that time.

After years of hard work and adherence to various lifestyle changes pertaining to food, vitamins, minerals, and exercise, her overall wellbeing has begun to improve. Up until now, she tries to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to have an optimum wellbeing. She chooses to eat clean, whole, unprocessed foods and she stays away from refined sugar and grains.

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